Maureen Smith has been a friendly and talented presence we can count on at Trinity Cafe.

Arriving most often in her nursing scrubs, there to coordinate volunteers, help serve guests and often address a minor wound, this week she has shared bittersweet news, she must pass the torch of responsibilities.

In a heartfelt note to our Trinity Cafe team she shared:

“My time at Trinity as a volunteer has been some of the best days I’ve had since moving to Tampa. The staff, volunteers and especially our kind-hearted guests have filled my heart with so much joy, especially when I was struggling with transitioning to Florida… I will be forever grateful to everyone at Trinity Cafe. I believe God touches and begins healing everyone who walks in the doors of Trinity Cafe. His mercy and grace are everywhere in those buildings.”

We are thrilled for Maureen! She has been offered a full-time position in nursing, doing what she does best, attending to those in need. We wish her the most success and anxiously wait for the times she can visit and serve with us again.

“When you’re a nurse you know that every day you will touch a life or a life will touch yours”  Author unknown

In just moments of hearing our Tuesday position was open, our very loyal and hard working volunteer Pat Templeton boldly and excitedly accepted Maureen’s Tuesday volunteer coordinator responsibilities, we thank you Pat and welcome you to our team!

Maureen will be with us on Tuesdays until the end of January, be certain to say hello, wish her well and above all thank her for her service!
We hope to see YOU at one of our cafes too, any day that works for you to volunteer at Trinity Cafe!