“Bless those here today for they are here out of the goodness of their hearts to help those in need. 
Help us to open our hearts and hands in kindness to the less fortunate.
Remind us that if not for your grace, it would be us coming here today to receive a nutritious meal instead of having the privilege to serve others. 
Guide us on this special day. September 11th. A day of such great tragedy in our country. That we should remember how fragile life truly is and also that we can take something so tragic and turn it into something good. 
Help us to turn tragedy into goodness; weakness into strength; distain into caring; and indifference into compassion. 
And let us all say Amen.” 

Written by, Sheldon Wolf, Provision Partner, Trinity Cafe – pictured here with his wife Kathi and their Spellex team who volunteered today and has donated $15,000 to date serving Tampa Bay’s hungry.