Trinity Cafe Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors consists of professionals and business leaders who bring years of experience and community involvement, as well as a dedication to service toward those less fortunate.

They work to ensure sound governance, while establishing clear policies to lead the continued success of Trinity Cafe.

Meet Jeffrey Darrey – Founder and Chairman 
Marketing Associates, USA, Inc.
Jeff has been a humble servant working quietly, tirelessly and persistently for 15 years to bring success and growth to Trinity Cafe. As a volunteer, advocate, and champion, he takes every opportunity to invite someone to join him for lunch to experience the cafe.
He does not seek accolades; he firmly believes that this is God’s work. His mission is to ensure that Trinity Cafe thrives and his goal is we serve as a model around the nation and the world.

Frank Crum Jr.
FrankCrum, Inc.

David Finkel
Partner, Auditz LLC

Timothy Guidry
New York Yankees Tampa Foundation

Jennifer Jehn
Miami Dolphins Foundation

Penny Parks
Links Financial LLC

Darren Richards
Tucker Hall

Blain Sanford
Strategis CPAs & Consultants, PA

Bruce Scott
E.M. Scott General Contractor

Tori Simmons
Hill Ward Henderson

Trey Traviesa
V3 Partners, LLP

Ellen Wolf
Community Volunteer