Imagine losing your mother at seven years old, your remaining connection to her is visiting with your grandmother who survives on government assistance.

When you visit for holidays, she waits for the check that comes each month, rushing to the store to fill the refrigerator and the cupboard. Sadly, a feast for only a short time because the food is still not enough to last.

This is what Kim Mollick experienced as a child and how many of our guests live today. 

When you meet Kim, you would find it hard to believe she had experienced hunger, losing a mother from drug addiction and extreme poverty. She has come a long way from her early upbringing, proving it is possible to break the generational cycle of poverty and build a strong and stable family for your children.

Kim is driven with a burning passion of understanding. She knows most every guest who comes through our door is not only in need of a meal, but the opportunity to be enveloped in atmosphere filled with compassion, dignity and respect. She dedicates her time as a volunteer coordinator, her treasures as a Provision Partner and even sponsors our annual event Stick a Fork in Hunger. What shines above all is her understanding of the guests that we serve and the uplifting friendships she builds serving around our tables.

We invite you join us and give this holiday season. Be a gateway of positive change in the lives of the guests that we serve, enlarging their capacity for self-help and reconnecting them with the broader community.

Won’t you GIVE Today?