On October 6, Trinity Cafe will celebrate 15 years of serving more than 1,159,512 meals with dignity to thousands of homeless and hungry residents in Tampa Bay. Trinity Cafe’s vision that no man, woman and child is without access to a nutritious meal was bolstered in this landmark year with the opening of its second location. Trinity Cafe 2 was described by a local neighbor as one of the best things that could have happened for the community on the corner of 22nd St. & Busch Blvd.

Trinity Cafe 2 became a reality thanks to gracious partners, corporate and public grants, and generous donors who helped the organization secure everything from a location to a vehicle for food transport to kitchen equipment. Their support makes it possible for guests to receive love, dignity, compassion and respect at the most vulnerable time in their lives.

Before the sun rises, the Trinity Cafe kitchen team begins preparing three-course meals for both locations. These delicious meals are kept warm during transport thanks to the cambros donated by the Rotary Club of Tampa. A generous $2,200 donation ensures the safe transport of 120 daily meals served at Trinity Cafe 2.

But it’s about more than just the food. The volunteers, donors and community leaders who have  come together to serve guests at Trinity Cafe 2 have gotten to know so many wonderful people, each with their own stirring stories. Many have offered personal testimonials of how Trinity Cafe is a blessing to them. Guests Mariya and Michael shared their stories with a volunteer recently. Mariya has been without a bed or a home since June 1st. Michael has cancer. They take two buses to get to Trinity Cafe 2, after all the hot-meal places in their area closed down. They come to Trinity Cafe 2 for good food and fellowship.

“This restores our spirits,” Mariya said. “Thank you for bringing a smile to our faces.”

Testimonials such as this one confirm that one generous heart can make all the difference. Trinity Cafe’s commitment to ensure humanity begins with a meal is made possible by the generosity of organizations such as the Rotary Club of Tampa, whose members recognize how important  a single act of kindness can be in bringing hope, strength and the promise of a brighter future to the lives of those who need it most.