This is John’s story.

On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in 2015, Trinity Cafe served its one millionth meal. John didn’t know it when he arrived at Trinity Cafe that January morning, but his meal marked a milestone, and his face would be associated with the cafe’s mission for years to come.

A military veteran and former policeman, John had been involved in a terrible motorcycle accident and was disabled. The doctors told his wife he might never recover, but she didn’t give up on him. Little by little John began to recover. He spent more than a year in the hospital and a rehab facility. He learned how to walk and talk again. After he was released and back home, his wife died suddenly.

In one moment, he lost the love of his life and his support system. He was devastated. He got behind on bills and was soon living without electricity. John came to Trinity Cafe for a hot meal. He slowly began to recover, thanks to his friends and support from the VA hospital. A year and a half later, John visits Trinity Cafe occasionally.

He’s in an apartment now and still getting help at the VA, but he’s traded in his motorcycle for a scooter that helps him get around.

“I have a new chance in life and I’m working to get back on my feet again,” he said.