Have you ever experienced Chili’s Love?

Our guests are fortunate to experience Chili’s Grill & Bar famous food as we welcome Mike DeMaio and his sweet team to the Trinity Cafe Family!

I bet you can recall the taste of Chili’s chicken enchilada soup, their High and Mighty Pie, or those infamous baby back, baby back, baby back. baby back ribs! On Wednesday, December 13th, our guests were treated to those same sweet and savory flavors as Mike DeMaio,Vice President of Operations and his regional team from Chili’s filled Trinity Cafe, bringing with them tasty morsels of prime rib roasted in chimichuri sauce, seasoned rice, a side of steamed broccoli and Oreo molten cakes!

While great meals are on the menu at Trinity Cafe every single day, Chili’s is a real treat and their commitment to serve our guests has created a dedicated partnership. Over fifteen years ago our Director of Development and Communications, Shannon Hannon-Oliviero, and Mike developed a lasting friendship over a common goal, working together to bring positive change within Tampa Bay.

When Shannon first mentioned our cafes, he trusted her not to even ask any questions and said, “what do you need?”. After seeing for himself, Mike and his entire team have since responded with great enthusiasm and more recently brought the wonderful resources of Chili’s to support our Feed the Need program quarterly, donated food and kitchen items to support Chef Benito’s daily needs and finally has committed to an annual ‘Give Back’ fundraiser where 10{f007a91ae3d88cf75550a1b48dab4d7416c47c594df3ec27f379e95130e85e67} of one day’s revenue from all his area restaurants is given. $3000 was donated this past October!

Mike story is a journey of hard work, leading to success. He started as cook in Chili’s kitchens about twenty-eight years ago, he explained: “What you guys do is special here, not only providing people with food, but I love how you create an experience with them, sitting down with and waiting on them”. At Trinity Cafe, we not only foster neighborly relationships with all of our guests, but we also take the time to connect with companies like Chili’s, who go above and beyond to give back. As Mike eloquently put it: “It’s part of our culture at Chili’s, giving back to the community. One of our elements for our well-being is through the community, so it’s part of our purpose as a company, it’s part of our vision”

Working alongside wonderful and well-known restaurants like Chili’s has become a standard for folks on our team, like Shannon who make sure that Trinity Cafe continues to expand it’s own vision and reach. Fostering strong relationships like this offers our generous volunteers and donors, like Mike and his crew, the opportunity to get involved in our community by dishing dignity one tasty and delightfully sweet morsel at a time.

Chad Radwan, VISTA Communications Specialist
To join our ‘Feed the Need Program’ contact soliviero@trinitycafe.org