At Trinity Cafe, we know hunger is a significant issue in our community.

Did you know 700,000 of our neighbors in Tampa Bay struggle to put meals on their tables? A strong reason why Feeding Tampa Bay’s new “Don’t Label Hunger!” campaign is so important within our community.

Our neighbors in need are often stereotyped as homeless, lazy or uneducated; but, in fact, hunger often happens to people like you and me. It affects single moms, fathers trying to support their family, our children in local schools and seniors on a fixed income. Hunger happens to everyday people, EVERY DAY.

In conjunction with their 35th anniversary Feeding Tampa Bay is launching the “Don’t Label Hunger” campaign to dispel the negative stereotypes associated with hunger.

As a partner of Feeding Tampa Bay, Trinity Cafe is committed in the fight against hunger and determined to eradicate the confining labels put on our neighbors. You can join us in this effort too. For just $2.50 per served meal, you can provide a healthy and hot meal or volunteer at one of our two locations and show our guest that instead of labeling them, you believe in them.

Stay tuned as we chat with our own Chef Benito about how the support from Feeding Tampa Bay makes feeding our guests affordable while ensuring that the quality of his ingredients are second to none.

By: Chad Radwan, Communications Specialist