Trinity Cafe is an intentional community.
‘Faces of Trinity Cafe’ is a celebration of all that embodies that community.

Every person who walks through the doors at Trinity Cafe has a unique story of their own.
Meet Brenda.

I heard about Trinity Cafe through peers. They described it as a well-kept, therapeutic environment. A place of tranquility. Trinity Cafe provides an avenue for successful, positive interactions. It’s not a place where you’ll see people standing quietly against the wall waiting for time to pass. Volunteers don’t just pick up plates and serve food they make eye contact, they talk, they smile. You have to give in order to receive. It could be as simple as a smile or a wave.

Eating at Trinity gives me joy because of everyone involved. There are always volunteers from different groups – people from local organizations, companies, university students, cultural groups, famous ball players, the fire department.

People might be surprised to know that I am absolute. I am everything, I have everything, I am absolute – total.

I have no struggles. There is no such thing as struggle to me; that which you believe becomes reality. You see what I’m saying? If you say “I’m having a hard day”, your day will be hard.

Everyone is entitled to having their own beliefs, so everyone has a different reality, but that variation in reality doesn’t take away from another’s reality. Everyone has a place.

Don’t become limited. Don’t become a subject. Be open.

My happiest moment is when I saw your ugly handwriting.

Perfection is perfection. There is no need to improve. Improvement is denouncing the existence of perfection. Domestication makes people believe they need something better.

I dedicate my life to business, God, people.