Trinity Cafe is an intentional community.
‘Faces of Trinity Cafe’ is a celebration of all that embodies that community.

Years of serving meals with compassion, dignity, love and respect have brought together a dynamic community by design, ranging from those who walk through our doors to those who help us keep them open. Our wonderful volunteers, generous donors, and dedicated staff make Trinity Cafe what it is and what it will continue to be.

Every person who walks through the doors at Trinity Cafe has a unique story of their own.
We know that from years of experience, because we open up those lines of communication everyday by having a host at the table during service. It’s impossible to truly know someone without taking that first step, a focused moment with them to listen to what they have to say. A conversation to understand who they are and why they are compelled to be a part of Trinity Cafe.

‘Faces of Trinity Cafe’ is built on that first step, that priceless conversation, those moments that matter. Moments where we can quietly listen and respectfully share.

Each Friday we look forward to celebrating our Trinity Cafe community but we also hope it encourages YOU to take the time in your daily life to recognize how important that first step is. Just a few moments to have that conversation, listening and sharing. A simple effort that leads to understanding your neighbor, that incredibly interesting person, right next to you.

Sarah Almusbahi, is a member of #TeamTrinityCafe as Development VISTA.  She will be sharing her project, #FacesOfTrinityCafe via here on our Blog and Facebook.
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