Trinity Cafe is an intentional community.
‘Faces of Trinity Cafe’ is a celebration of all that embodies that community.

Every person who walks through the doors at Trinity Cafe has a unique story of their own.
Meet Daniel.

“I found out about Trinity Cafe while looking for community service opportunities through my university. Lunch service fits perfectly in between my classes.

School and work take up most of my time. I’m a 3rd year studying biomedical science and public health at USF. College is everything I expected and more – overwhelming at times because I want to get involved in everything.

I grew up around surrounded by friends and family. Spending time with them, creating memories we can look back on, is where I get the most joy.

My dad is the most influential person in my life. Even though I try to disagree with what he says, deep down I know he’s right. I never tell him but it’s true.

My biggest fear is probably failure. I put 100{f007a91ae3d88cf75550a1b48dab4d7416c47c594df3ec27f379e95130e85e67} into everything I do. Not being able to fulfill my goal of becoming a doctor scares me. I do it for my family…and for me.”

Daniel volunteers loyally at our Busch Blvd. location. He brings fellow student and even family to join him in serving those who are hungry and in need in our community.