Feed The Need

Trinity Cafe’s Feed the Need Program

This innovative program was started by Gracie Goltermann, a former Girl Scout, that had a passion for feeding our hungry and homeless neighbors. Her thought was to create a sustainable program that at times helped the cafe with daily budget costs in addition to adding an exciting experience for the guests to enjoy. For her efforts, Gracie won the Girl Scout’s prestigious Gold Award which is the highest achievement at the high school level. For us at Trinity Cafe, Feed the Need was launched.

Restaurants sign on to “take over” Trinity Cafe for the day and Feed the Need. They plan, cook and serve a three-course meal, per how our guests are served each day.

Participating restaurants help to alleviate hunger in the Tampa Bay Community, one dining service at a time. A big thank you to everyone that’s been involved!
Who will be joining us next?

If you have further questions or opportunities regarding our Feed the Need Program, please contact Shannon Hannon-Oliviero directly at soliviero@trinitycafe.org.

Restaurant Participants Information

Sample Menus

Restaurants that have participated in Feed the Need: