Other Ways to Give

How You Can Help Further Our Mission

Consider helping us fulfill our mission to feed the homeless and hungry with kindness and dignity. However you choose to donate, your generosity is appreciated. That appreciation comes from not only those who are presently being served – it comes also from generations who will benefit from Trinity Cafe in the future. Your donation will help provide the financial resources to maintain and improve the quality of our program.

Thank you for taking the time to explore ways to give to the Trinity Cafe. There are many ways you can help. Whichever method you choose, goes directly to meet the needs of the homeless and hungry in our community.

You may choose to organize a community event to increase awareness of and raise money for the Trinity Cafe.

Ask your friends and family to make a donation to Trinity Cafe in lieu of giving you a birthday, anniversary or even wedding gift.

Your company, church or civic group can donate materials that can help our mission.