Wish List – Seeking Donations

Help Trinity Cafe – Chef Benito’s Wish List – Seeking Donations


Chef Benito happily accepting donations!

As a non-profit organization with limited funds, Trinity Cafe depends on the generosity of the community to make a difference in the lives of the hungry and homeless who come to us for help. In-kind donations of food and supplies are always needed.

Our chef and kitchen staff work hard to keep each served 3-course meal to a cost of $2.50 per guest. Every donation just helps us serve more in our community with dignity and respect.

Chef Ben’s list below outlines the items most urgently needed:




Trinity 2 (Busch Blvd.) – Dining Room Donation List

Dining Room:

Hand sanitizer (large sized bottles)

Table cloths – round 80-84” with flannel back (10)

Table cloths – large rectangular with flannel back (4)

Magic Erasers

Toilet bowl cleaner

Paper towel rolls

Spray glass cleaner

Trinity Cafe (Nebraska Ave.) – Food/Dining Donation List

Dining Room:

Liquid laundry detergent


70″ Round flannel backed table covers (12)

Small artificial seasonal flower arrangements (12)

Paper towel rolls

Spray glass cleaner


Magic Erasers

Hand sanitizer (large sized bottles)



Fresh or frozen vegetables

Fresh apples

Green tip bananas

Canned fruit

Canned tuna

Italian bread crumbs


Rice (any)

Dried beans (any variety)

Tomato products (sauce, diced, whole puree)


Granola bars/snack bars

Hot chocolate packages (single serving)

Cereal (large boxes – any kind)

Cake mix

Cake frosting

Iodized salt

Table grind pepper

Broths of any flavor (chicken, beef, vegetable, fish)

Herbs and spices (any)

Brown sugar

Sugar packets (single serving)

Sweet ‘N Low packets (single serving)

Vegetable oil

Salad dressing


Hot sauce

“Mini Moo’s” non-dairy creamers (individual servings)

Evaporated milk

Sweetened condensed milk

10x powdered sugar