Trinity Cafe is the only Tampa Bay nutritious meal provider that serves 365 days a year unconditionally with dignity. There is no need to feed our neighbors on the streets.

Yet, in the corridor around Nebraska Ave, several times a week, groups visit our parking lot, across the street, or in local parks to duplicate the service that is already available to neighbors who are struggling with hunger.

As a result, food containers litter our community. Napkins, forks, and half-eaten meals are scattered in the park and in parking lots. Sadly, unintended consequences of well-meaning individuals and groups that pop-up across the city and county leaving behind a terrible mess for the community to contend with.

With more than 60 groups and nonprofits serving meals in the area, as many of our guests at Trinity Cafe tell us, there are plenty of options for our hungry neighbors.

With limited time and financial resources, we all have choices to make.
As responsible citizens and thoughtful investors in the community in which we serve, we need to leverage our limited funds, time and volunteers to do more together. We respectfully request and warmly welcome that any individuals or groups partner with one us who are already serving neighbors struggling with hunger and homelessness. Join us as volunteers, ambassadors and supporters. All of our neighbors will be grateful for our combined efforts.

It’s time to change. Respect the neighbors that are left to deal with the trash.
Please help keep our community clean and join us in not serving our neighbors on the street.

For your group to join us in addressing the needs of our hungry neighbors, email Trinity Cafe’s Director, Mandy Cloninger

Featured Image credit Tampa Bay Times