Heroes come in many forms and rarely wear capes, especially during hurricanes.

True heroes hardly ever share the good they do and certainly don’t appreciate it when others share their good deeds, but there comes a time when the story needs to be told and it’s up to a friend to tell it.

We will find during Hurricane Irma many of our citizens have gone above and beyond to help their neighbors. True heroes from dramatic rescues to those simply opening their doors to assist others without the comforts of home.

At Trinity Cafe we have our very own unassuming hero who quietly and sometimes gruffly sits behind our counters insuring our crew is at the ready and our guests are served a meal, regardless of the threat of a hurricane.

He gathers his family to assemble food baskets, even though his home sits in the evacuation zone. He delivers a member of the kitchen crew to a hotel to make certain he’s safe to ride out the hurricane, paying for the room from his own pocket. Even when Irma’s hand tears his garage door from its hinges and there is no power or water in his own home, he is there with meals to serve our guests with dignity and respect.

He is the man dressed in black who shows you he cares by giving you a hard time, melts at the sight of a child enjoying a healthy meal, is the true MacGuyver of food who will support and protect his crew much like a grizzly bear. You can find him almost always at Trinity Cafe, if not in the building out back enjoying his only vice, a good cigar.

Next time you see Chef Benito D’Azzo, please thank him for being just who he is and ask him to forgive me for ‘spilling the beans’ on being one of the best unsung heroes we’ve got.

By: Shannon Hannon-Oliviero
Development & Communications Director