I’m always curious to discover how our volunteers first hear about us. I constantly find myself asking “Is this your first time volunteering with us? How’d you here about Trinity Cafe?”

I’ve heard some surprising answers.

Recently, I met a brand new and enthusiastic volunteer Kelly. She shared she had heard about Trinity Cafe on an interesting new website called nextdoor.com. The website or app allows locals in a particular area to share any number of messages, including garage sales or safety concerns. But what’s important for us is one of her neighbors in Seminole Heights, (whom she actually didn’t know), shared a post about her volunteering efforts at Trinity Cafe and right away it caught her attention.

Kelly had been wanting to volunteer but found her busy work schedule challenging, Trinity Cafe seemed perfect! 11:30am to 1pm was easy! She found her way to the signup page at trinitycafe.org/volunteer picked a day, and found her way over to our Nebraska location, was trained as she arrived and was on her way to help serving our guests that same afternoon. Not only was this volunteer excited to serve with us for the first time, but she came in on her birthday!
Kelly very kindly shared, “I wanted to do something special today. My best friends are taking me out for lunch later and I made certain that I came to volunteer before that.”

One of our loyal Monday volunteers, Kasey shared that she first heard of Trinity Cafe by chance. She had been with her mother on their way to volunteer at another local charity when they saw our Nebraska location. She saw the crowd lined up outside of our front doors, gathered before the lunch hour and soon after she decided that she wanted to get involved. She recruited her boyfriend and they’ve been among our regulars for more than five years.

A great tip Kasey likes to share, “When hosting or serving at one of our tables, keep the conversation light.” She believes that it is especially important to lend an ear to our guests and her background in psychology really prepared her to be a great listener.

Whatever their reason for volunteering, brand new or an experienced volunteer, our guests are grateful to have the energy, enthusiasm, and gracious smiles on a daily basis. I look forward to sharing more stories from a variety of people who visit and volunteer at our cafes as I we continue to explore together how word has spread about our mission to serve, any one who hungry.

But wait…Hey! How did you find out about Trinity Cafe?
Or have you joined us yet?

Chad Radwan, Communications VISTA