This is a worrisome time for our community with the threat and uncertainty of Hurricane Irma, but our homeless and struggling neighbors depend on us.

Trinity Cafe will continue to operate daily to serve our guests with dignity as long as it is safe for staff, volunteers and guests.

We are also positioned to assist with meals in times of disaster response. We welcome volunteers continuing to serve with us daily with safety being our primary concern. We will communicate any cancellation of service with our volunteers via email and phone; otherwise, we will be open and rely on our volunteers to serve. Already we have felt the impact with volunteer service cancellations through the weekend, so if you’re able to serve and it’s safe for you to join us, please continue to sign-up online at
Our guests need you!

We are advising and sharing with our guests the nearest evacuation shelters and watching closely when they may open to ensure that they know where the nearest shelter is located. The following information is available at both cafes, and we encourage our guests to plan for their own personal safety by listening to local radio and television broadcasts.

HART buses run special evacuation routes free for people who need transportation to shelters.
Click HERE for an informative brochure.
The closest shelter to our Nebraska Ave location is: Middleton High School at 4801 N. 22nd St., Tampa, and for our Busch Blvd location is: Pizzo Elementary School at 11701 Bull Run Dr.

We pray for the safety of all who may be impacted by Hurricane Irma and will continue to keep those who will be serving with us updated via social media, email and phone as needed.