Trinity Cafe, is excited to share that in order to meet the changing needs of food insecure individuals and families in our community, Feeding Tampa Bay and Trinity Cafe have merged, effective January 1. 2019.

By combining capabilities we will expand the scope of services and options people have in accessing healthy meals across the 10-county Tampa Bay region.

It is an exciting time for both organizations as we work together to restore dignity and offer innovative solutions and healthy outcomes for all of those that we serve. This merger will provide our volunteers and donors with many more opportunities and programs that help alleviate hunger and provide a hand up to the guests that we serve.  You will be hearing more details as they develop as we embark on this uplifting journey with Feeding Tampa Bay in the new year!

Ultimately, we hope to pave the way for this blueprint to be used across the country in the future.

“Since opening Trinity Cafe October 15, 2001 it has been our mission to provide those in need with a beautiful nutritious meal  in an environment of love, care, dignity, and respect. We have remained faithful to this commitment.  Serving 1.4 million meals over the Past 17 years we have not compromised this mission. The merger of Trinity Cafe and Feeding Tampa Bay provides multiple opportunities for growth of the Trinity Cafe model in the Feeding Tampa Bay ten county service area.

Furthermore, Feeding Tampa Bay is a member of a network of 199 other food banks where the Trinity Cafe model can be shared for offering the opportunity for replication in other cities nationally.

The Trinity Cafe commitment remains faithful to always feed and serve God’s people with dignity.

In the Spring of 2001 at the request of Fr Mike Muhr, Darrey embarked upon a mission of finding a food service model for the homeless and those in need. In his business travels throughout the eastern US Darrey saw a variety of options from soup kitchens to bag sandwich lunches being handed out to cafeteria style meals served on disposable tableware. He came back to Fr Muhr with the recommendation of a restaurant style meal where guests are seated and served by volunteers. Unconditional. No requirements of the guests. If you’re hungry, you’ll be served. “I believe this is the way Christ would treat the poor” Darrey said.

Along with another Trinity co-founder Bob Mullen, Darrey embarked on recruiting additional like minded individuals to form a board of directors and Trinity Cafe opened.

The dignity service model is the same today as it was 17 years ago. Some 50 volunteers serve from the two Trinity locations daily.

The Feeding Tampa Bay merger is a new chapter for Trinity Cafe to grow and expand to serve more of God’s people in need.”

Jeff Darrey, Founder and Chairman of the Board, Trinity Cafe