Jeffrey Freeman loves Trinity Cafe’s dedication to helping people in need.

He is an occasional guest at Trinity Cafe 2, only joining us when he needs a meal. Always smiling and talking to his group of friends when he’s waiting in line for a seat at a table.

Jeffrey has learned much from life thus far. He was incarcerated for a few years and briefly homeless, but he has chosen to use those experiences in the most positive way possible. He values and respects others and himself as well. He enjoys working and growing his own food, delightfully sharing the success of his harvest with friends.

“I know I can go out there and help people. We all can help each other. Even with just a conversation, we can help people. If you feel like you’re not meant to be here, well you are. You’re breathing, you’re talking, you’re alive, you’re doing something. What is it that you should be doing? If you don’t know, it’s something you should go figure out.”

Wise words indeed, Jeffrey!