Guest Post ~ Jessica Muroff, CEO, Girl Scouts of West Central Florida
Today was my first time volunteering at Trinity Cafe. I knew it would be a special day and I have been looking forward to this since I signed up. I have to say the experience greatly exceeded my expectations. I cannot wait to go home this evening and share with my girls over dinner. You have wonderful core volunteers who made me feel so welcome. Your staff at the cafe were kind, helpful, engaging, and present.
Your mission truly touched me deeply. I love to serve others. My favorite volunteer job this past year was volunteering at my girls school for their lunch hour. I loved bringing food to the kids, helping them open things, watch the social dynamics. Serving your guests today was so special. They were grateful, polite, and kind. The food was fantastic, but what I loved most was the conversations. I loved sitting down with them to just talk. To smile, listen, connect with another human being. I cannot express enough how powerful today was for me and I cannot wait to do it again. As one of your guests told me today, “I could talk to you all day.” My cup is overflowing from this experience.
I also met a woman who told me all of the amazing things you’ve personally done to help her. It doesn’t surprise me and I just have to tell you that I am honored to know you. You are truly a servant leader and doing the most important thing in our community…serving a basic need with dignity and human connection.