Trinity Cafe’s Chef Benito loves to share easy tips and tricks to help you navigate your kitchen!

Today’s ‘kitchen tips’ question: How do you the smell of garlic off your hands?

Fresh garlic not only adds delicious flavor to foods but has been said to have many amazing health benefits in nearly every area of the body, from the prevention of numerous ailments, such as the common cold, to more complex issues as hardening of the arteries, cancer prevention and is even said to slow the aging process!

One thing we do know is garlic lives up to it’s name, “the sticking rose” as it is referred to in cultures worldwide. Of course, unless we are trying to ward off a particular darkly, cloaked Count who hovers near Halloween, we’d prefer to get rid of the pungent smell.

Below are a few simple tricks easily found in your kitchen to keep your hands odor-free!

Stainless Steel: The old stainless-steel trick: After you’ve finished mincing, rub your fingers over something made of stainless steel, like a sink, faucet, or spoon, under cold water.

Coffee: Either rub a few whole coffee beans in your hand, or if you have already ground coffee, give yourself a little spa treatment and exfoliate with those under water.

Salt & Lemon: Rubbing hands together with a little lemon and salt can do the trick, but be careful not to irritate sensitive skin in the winter time. Maybe not the best if you’ve got already dry hands or any sort of preexisting cut — ouch!

Need tips on how to navigate your kitchen?

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