If you need a little #MondayMotivation we’re happy to introduce you to Jason Aust, a valued member of Trinity Cafe’s kitchen team.

Since the day he started working at Trinity Cafe, Jason has become a reliable and welcome presence serving our hungry and homeless neighbors, daily.

Jason began his journey with our cafe as a guest, volunteering his time in the kitchen and dining room when he saw a need for extra help. Recognizing a humility and strong work ethic in him, Chef Benito decided to hire Jason to work full time; now he’s very proud to be a part of our Trinity Cafe team and we’re thankful to have him!

Although he prefers working in the kitchen, he’s always a hard worker who’s ready to do whatever Chef Benito or Sous Chef Travis asks of him.  Many of his additional duties include distributing tickets and welcoming our guests, keeping our restroom facilities clean and in working order or insuring our dining room is ready for service.

Jason always goes the extra mile to give encouragement and share kindness to our hungry and homeless guests. Even a simple, “have a great day”, a quick chat about sports or his favorite, sharing lollipops with the kids. He knows it makes a world of difference for those who may need a positive interaction in their day. Truthfully, Jason personally understands many of our guests journey, now being on a positive path himself he knows exactly how just an hour of dignity, respect and kind words can change someone’s life.

Please introduce yourself to Jason next time YOU volunteer at Trinity Cafe, Nebraska location!