There is a lot that happens we can’t control. The question is, where do we find the safe ports in the storms of life?

We can’t control the winds of a hurricane. We can’t control losing power and everything in the refrigerator and freezer. We can’t control abusers who terrorize their families.

This is what we can do. Trinity Cafe can provide meals for a sister nonprofit that has lost the contents of its refrigerator and freezer to the storm. We can reach out the hand of friendship and share our resources during a trying time. We can share a hot meal, a warm hug and a kind word to those whose paths cross with ours daily.

Mary & Martha House can provide a safe respite for women and children who have endured beatings, terror and the power of domestic violence abusers. They can offer their residents the support and services they need to become empowered and to take control of their lives once again. And, today with a little help from friends, they can serve a hot meal to 18 women and children, and fill the refrigerator and freezer with eggs, chicken, milk, juices, snacks, cereal, rice, cookies, bread, English muffins, peanut butter, jelly and more!

Trinity Cafe understands that more than 80 percent of women who are victims of domestic violence become homeless. We know because they are some of the guests in our dining rooms each day. We know their stories. When we heard that the Mary Martha House had lost power and food for the residents of their domestic violence recovery program we knew we had to help.

It was such a joy to make this delivery, meet executive director Laurie Kepler and her team. It was a blessing to talk with a young mother while her infant child lovingly gazed up at her as he laid in her arms in this place of refuge. Our development & communications director, Shannon Hannon-Oliviero, shared that her greatest treasures in life are her three boys, just as she knew this little boy would be to his own mom. The look of gratitude from this young woman after hearing a few kind words warmed our hearts and made our day.

Today and every day, Mary & Martha House and Trinity Cafe are safe ports in the storms of life.

By: Cindy Davis
Program Director, Trinity Cafe