Do you know what there is less of during the summer than at any other time of year?

Donations of all kinds!

This summer was no exception for Trinity Cafe. We are at a critical low for giving this time of year. Yet, our guests who are struggling to meet their daily needs depend on us each and every day! We need your help! Would you consider making a gift online today?

During June and July, Trinity Cafe served record-breaking numbers of guests! 24,480 men, women and children depended on us for their daily meal. More than 600 of those guests were children!

What we did not receive is a record-breaking amount of donations this summer! Summer is the slowest time for giving, and this summer was no exception.

Hunger does not take a vacation during the summer! In fact, we served nearly 20 percent more guests in July alone.

The burdens for families are magnified during summer while children are out of school. With more than half of all children in our area who rely on the free and reduced breakfast and lunch programs at school, this food need is at a critical high during the summer. While children are home, it also puts cash-strapped families in a pinch for child care, higher utilities costs, food and more.

July 24th might have just been a regular Tuesday in the summer to you, but Trinity Cafe served 503 guests that day, our highest number in our 17-year history! 

As we were getting ready to close that day, two teenage boys ran up to Byron, our director of first impressions, a little sweaty and begging, “It’s not too late, is it? We ran as fast as we could, we’re so hungry!” These two boys live in the neighborhood, and Byron welcomed them in to be guest 502 and 503 that day.

Will you make your gift online now to ensure we can dish up dignity to each and every guest who rushes in and depends on us?

Mandy Cloninger, Executive Director, Trinity Cafe