Trinity Cafe has partnered with Suncoast Compost to reduce the amount of consumer waste leaving our kitchen.

But why?

1) Let food waste, support healthy food sources.
2) One less trip to the landfill.
3) Limit the production of methane gas.

“Composting is a vital piece to our Sustainable Food Management program,” says Chef Benito. “Our goal is to reduce our landfill footprint by 50{f007a91ae3d88cf75550a1b48dab4d7416c47c594df3ec27f379e95130e85e67}.”

We can all do our part!
What’s your plan?

“Sustainable Management of Food is a systematic approach that seeks to reduce wasted food and its associated environmental impacts over the entire life cycle, starting with extraction of natural resources and manufacturing, sales and consumption and ending with decisions on recycling or final disposal.” – EPA