Trinity Cafe – A Safety Net.

At Trinity Cafe we are a safety net for many in need. It has been shared with us time and again that our daily, healthy meal allows guests the opportunity to redirect funds to personally stay afloat or keep the lights on for their family. As the Tampa Bay Times...

What are you craving?

The traditional definition of hunger is a feeling of discomfort or weakness caused by lack of food, coupled with the desire to eat. When used as a verb, an action, though, it means a strong desire or craving. What are you craving? Today, I am craving some ice cream...

Hurricane Season. Are We Prepared?

Last year, when Hurricane Irma struck Tampa Bay many were severely affected. The question is, this year can we be better prepared?
Thankfully the ferocity of last year’s storm was not as intense as expected, but torrential rains and high winds disrupted the lives of most all residents in our area, those with homes and those who may call the streets their home as well.