Early Tuesday morning June 12th, well before our guests were set to pull up a chair at Trinity Cafe, a car plowed into the dining room punching a large hole into the wall and knocking down two tables.

Since that Tuesday, we’ve continued to serve a daily meal. Be that in a makeshift, outdoor dining room or during repairs, our team and volunteers share a determination to make sure that those who join us at Trinity Cafe hungry, leave happy.

We are grateful that our guests, our staff, and our volunteers were not in the vicinity of the accident as it occurred and we understand that property and belongings can always be replaced. And yet, Chef Benito in tune with his kitchen staff didn’t miss a beat serving those in need.

Nothing keeps us down for long at Trinity Cafe because we know that hunger in our community is real and doesn’t subside given the circumstances that life presents those of us who serve. So long as we retain a capacity to provide for our neighbors, our doors remain open and anyone who needs a helping hand knows that they have a reliable place to find nourishment and support. Everyone needs stability in their lives whether it be a space to escape the summer heat for an hour or an opportunity to gather with like-minded individuals who feel the need to help others.

Our director of development and communications, Shannon Hannon-Oliviero explained our collective appreciation best when she wrote via Facebook, “It was amazing to witness people rallying today, but what made more of an impact on me was the guests that Trinity Cafe serves. Their gratitude for the extra effort. Their willingness to help. Their encouragement above all. Even in the toughest of times, there remains greatness in people from all walks of life. For those who frown upon neighbors who may have less or even no home at all, I challenge you to open your eyes and even more so your heart.”

While the damage to our dining room is on the mend, take the time to support our efforts, because as you know hunger doesn’t take a day off. If you feel like you share our unyielding spirit to serve others and make the most out of any situation, join us as a volunteer or come support our upcoming event, Stick a Fork in Hunger.

Thank you to Lloyd Sowers of Fox 13 and Ernest Hooper with the Tampa Bay Times for stopping by Trinity Cafe and sharing our experience and mission.