Because of your support, we served more than 140,000 meals with dignity to our guests in 2018!

Last year in 2018, we are proud to share we had a significant impact in our community!
  • We served 140,971 meals with dignity to guests (10% more than the previous year).
  • We added breakfast on Saturdays at our second location. This now averages 130 meals served with dignity six days a week.
  • In addition, at both our locations April-September, we provided 1,585 children’s meals to take home and offered a solution for struggling families dealing with time and money constraints.

All this positively impacted the lives of guests, like Ashley and her children..

We are grateful that we are able to serve Ashley and her three children a healthy meal as guests of Trinity Cafe. It is a comfort to additionally send them home with our kids’ take-home packs filled with nutritious, shelf stable foods, ensuring they have enough to eat until the following day.

Inspired by those that we have served for over seventeen years, we’ve been dreaming about how we serve a meal for today, a meal for tomorrow, and how to help families become self-sufficient so they have meals forever for their family. 2019 is our year. As a program of Feeding Tampa Bay, we are already making great strides to help Ashley and her children meet their needs!

It began as part of the expanded community outreach during the government shutdown, Chef Benito and our team have been cooking and preparing 300 additional meals each day during the week (1,500 weekly!) that are being distributed through Feeding Tampa Bay’s mobile pantries, agency partners and the WinnDixie Charity Market.

In April, we are adding a mobile pantry monthly at our second location to help guests with meals for tomorrow!
The Feeding Tampa Bay programs team regularly assists guests filling out applications for SNAP benefits to help them prepare meals in the comfort of their own home.  Later this year, with Chef Benito leading the way, we are planning to launch a culinary arts training program to teach job skills and improve self-sufficiency. Former guests will now have the opportunity to become empowered, full-time employees, joining the workforce and providing their own meals forever.

Thank you again for how you choose to give and serve to help those struggling in our community.
We are focused on the future and are excited to have you by our side!