The atmosphere at Trinity Cafe was charged with excitement on Sept. 15 when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Rookie Club volunteered to serve. The sight of 12 NFL football players walking into the building was surreal. It was even more surreal when the players, dressed in their home jerseys, donned Trinity Cafe nametags and aprons.

The Bucs rookies were kind, playful and excited for the lunch rush ahead of them. Although, I don’t think they quite anticipated the joy they were about to bring to a group of 300 people. Trinity Cafe’s guests were unaware of the service they were about to receive.


I saw so many of our guest’s faces light up when they caught sight of the fIMG_8268ootball players decked out in their gear. The player’s faces lit up with equal enthusiasm as they greeted the incoming crowd. These same players were also pouring drinks, serving a three-course meal and providing engaging conversation.

The Buccaneers’ service brought a new level of energy and compassion to Trinity Cafe. They offered words of encouragement, handshakes and embraces. They gave our guests a reason to smile by offering a unique dining experience and unforgettable moments.

By Kristen Pensinger