Things I’ve learned From Trinity Cafe
Frank Weaver, Volunteer Coordinator, Trinity Cafe 2 (Busch Blvd.)

1.    The only gift required to make something happen is willingness.

2.    The narrowest of margins create the greatest of chasms.

3.    The toe bone’s connected to the foot bone…”  Connections and networks function         beyond our wildest imaginings.

4.    There are far bigger hearts than mine out there — lots of them.

5.    I am surrounded by a congregation — stunningly homogeneous, yet wildly diverse — with a seemingly unlimited capacity to contribute.

6.    The dirtiest bodies can have the cleanest minds.

7.    There are young (college age) men and women grounded in their grandparents’ values — far more of them than I thought.

8.    Judging others’ limitations limits you, not them.

9.    When we’re a part of any organization with aspirations like TC, we take away more than we give.

10.   Everyone looks good in purple.