Do you remember as a child the pure joy of opening gifts on Christmas morning?

Considering it’s Throwback Thursday or #TBT, I want to share how I recently got to relive the childhood delight of opening gifts by just watching the look on the faces of our young guests as they received toys donated by our generous volunteers. Almost equal to the children’s joy was our volunteers happiness, fulfilled by sharing with those in need. Truly gifts that keep on giving.

Whether it was Play-Doh, a princess coloring book, a dinosaur model kit, or colored pencils, each and every child’s face lit up with surprise and delight. No this was not the same experience as opening up presents from under the Christmas tree in their own homes, but these toys, these little blessings in disguise, brought joy and entertainment to these children over their holiday break.

Each of us is well aware of the fact that many children in our community don’t experience Christmas and the holiday season as we might have while growing up. At Trinity Cafe, some of our volunteer groups get creative during the holidays, putting together blessing bags filled with sweets, essentials, and toiletries, or collecting donations for new blankets and sweatshirts to keep our guests warm.

The reality is your support is appreciated year-round! If you’re part of a community organization at school, in your neighborhood, or at work, I’d like to encourage you to think creatively about how you might make someone’s day brighter. We invite you and your friends, neighbors, and colleagues to come volunteer with us at any time, especially after the traditional “season of giving” passes and we all settle in to the new year.

So let’s get excited and Share the Love this February! Join us! Take pictures and share on your social using our hashtag #sharethelove ~ giving of your time, talents or treasures will help Trinity Cafe launch into a year full of abundance, gratitude, and affection, serving our hungry neighbors in need.

Chad Radwan – Communications VISTA Specialist