Our ribbon cutting ceremony was a success! We are grateful for each volunteer, partner, donor, board member, church member, staff member and supportive guest who attended.

A special thanks to our guest speakers: Mike Crouch, First Church of God, Hillsborough County Commissioner Al Higginbotham; Bill Goede, Bank of America Tampa President Tampa Bay, and Pastor Ed Hagar, First Church of God.
Al Higginbotham shared his own personal story of overcoming paralysis, his own experience with seeking social services and experiencing hunger, which brought the crowd to tears. He shared the unexpected and uncontrollable circumstances that led him and his family into poverty. Through the help of charitable organizations, despair met a miracle and brought hope, strength and promise of a brighter future.

Every listener was inspired and encouraged by his testimony of how important even a single act of kindness can be. One generous heart can make all the difference. Humanity begins with a meal at Trinity Cafe, but it does not stop there. In their most vulnerable times, our guests receive love, dignity, compassion and respect.


The crowd joined hands as Pastor Ed Hagar blessed Trinity Cafe 2. We are so thankful for the divine appointment that led to a partnership with the First Church of God. We are looking forward to an exciting future together.


Trinity Cafe 2 is expected to start serving guest in mid-late April.