In partnership with Verizon, Trinity Cafe, a Tampa charity serving the homeless and food insecure, will launch a television campaign in September during Hunger Action Month. The 30-second commercial, with air time donated by Verizon, will be featured on the FiOS TV service in the Tampa Bay region. It encourages people to support Trinity Cafe by giving or volunteering.

“We would not have been able to run an advertising campaign without the generosity of Verizon,” said Trinity Cafes Program Director Cindy Davis. “We cant wait to see it on Verizon FiOS screens across the Bay Area.”

“We are humbled to have this opportunity to help spread the word about the tremendous work Trinity Cafe does to feed the hungry in the Tampa community,” said Jeanmarie Milla, Verizons Florida region president. “Verizon is proud of the partnership with Trinity Cafe. Together, we can raise awareness to drive donations and volunteer resources that will continue to make a difference in our community.”

The spot was produced and edited by the team of Nancy Summers and Mike Wiatrak at Veranos Resources, a Tampa video production company who does pro bono marketing work for Trinity Cafe. Summers worked closely with Davis on the spots’ concept. On the day of shooting, everyone on site at Trinity Cafe was excited about the production. The guests, volunteers and staff know how important it is to bring awareness to the more than 200,000 men, women and children who are hungry and food insecure in our community.

“We felt it would have the most impact if we used real people in our commercial, people who have experienced hunger at one point in their lives and have depended on a meal from Trinity Cafe,” said Davis. “Some are no longer homeless but serve as volunteers, so we still get to see them often. They were delighted to appear in our commercial because they felt it was a way of giving back to Trinity Cafe.”

Trinity Cafe is a charitable restaurant that serves a nutritious meal with dignity to those who are hungry or homeless 365 days a year. Lunch is served Monday through Friday, and breakfast is served Saturday and Sunday. More than 1,052,000 meals have been served with dignity since the cafs opening in 2001. Trinity Cafe relies on the generosity of donors and volunteers as all of its funding comes from grants and donations. Last year 10,785 volunteers provided 26,963 hours of serve to the cafe, saving more than half a million dollars in labor costs.