What is it like to grow up around Trinity Cafe’s family table?

We love to share the unique friendship between one of our small guests Alex and his friend Mr.Byron.

Some guests who pull a chair up to our tables like our food, some like our hospitality, and some people absolutely love our team.

Little Alex, or Big Alex depending on your perspective, is among our brightest guests over at Trinity Cafe 2 and he adores our Director of First impressions, Byron Graves. Alex and Byron are two peas in a pod, despite the significant height difference. At just five years old, Alex looks up to Byron, who shows him how to usher in our guests, build relationships as he directs guests to their seats but most importantly treat our neighbors with dignity and respect. His fondness for his friend keeps him and his family excitedly coming back for both healthy food and friendship.

Alex and his family live just a few blocks away from our second cafe located on Busch Boulevard and we are lucky enough to see his big smile every week since we opened our doors last year.

Alex’s mother Ashley explained that she had been strolling with her sister in the neighborhood when they saw a crowd gathered outside of our doors. Some of our guests told them what we were up to and that they should check us out for themselves.

Ledora and Ashley, Alex’s grandma and mother, expressed just how much this meal means to their family and how our table has become their family’s table as well. After moving to Florida from Jackson, Mississippi, this family is especially thankful for the good company that Trinity Cafe offers, whether it be their fellow guests, team members like Byron, or the volunteers that serve the tables on a daily basis. Ashley mentioned that she’s especially fond of a young volunteer who shares her name that serves at our cafe every week.

Alex’s family is among many who rely on the nutritious meals served with dignity, respect and priceless friendship that only Trinity Cafe provides.

This holiday season, take a moment to recognize how you can make an impact on the lives of those children who have come to make Trinity Cafe 2 their family table. We also invite you to volunteer, Byron and Alex might just meet you at the door!