Volunteer Manager Nina Georgette Hickey

If someone were to serve your favorite meal, what would it be?

Grilled chicken with sweet potato noodles, arugula salad with pickled onions and chocolate zucchini brownies

Nina Hickey joined Trinity Cafe in 2015 as an intern from the University of Tampa. In Jan. 2017, she joined our professional team as volunteer manager. Nina is a graduate of the University of Tampa with a degree in International cultural studies and French. She is passionate about increasing her awareness of knowledge for the people of the world.

“My awareness grew when I began to understand the difference between sympathy and empathy; the world needs more empathetic citizens. We can only understand other’s struggles by seeing the world from their perspective. Feeling what someone else truly feels,” said Nina.

Nina has a passion for service, a love for people and an interest in cultivating more volunteers and expanding the positive volunteer experience at Trinity Cafe. “I hope to encourage volunteers to continue showing compassion to our guests. Compassion is the greatest love humanity has to offer.”

In her formative years, Nina volunteered for Touch a Person in Need, the Rhode Island Food Bank. She aided the organization by organizing donations and recruiting new volunteers. From an early age, Nina was taught and understood that many hands make light work. Nina also volunteered at Providence, R.I. inner-city camps, taught children’s Sunday school, served on a mission trip to Honduras and assisted the elderly in local nursing homes.

Nina is a native of Rhode Island. Tampa has been her home for almost five years. Although most of her family are scattered across the United States, she finds peace and feels grounded wherever she goes — especially at Trinity Cafe! Nina enjoys yoga, camping on the Suwannee River and loves to grill out with close friends.