Look Who I Ran Into, The Legend, Wayne!

by Shannon Hannon-Oliviero, Director of Development & Communications

It was a special day for this new director on the Trinity Cafe team to meet this well known volunteer!

I finally had the opportunity to meet and catch up with one of our celebrated and loyal volunteers Wayne Douglas! He’s doing great! Working hard, sharing his talents and treasures with Trinity Cafe and other very worthy causes he holds dear in the Tampa area!

For a brief time many years ago Wayne was struggling. Finding our cafe was one of many blessings he found when he needed help. As soon as he got back on his feet and no longer needed to sit at our table, Wayne began helping Trinity Cafe right away to provide and serve our hungry guests. Wayne’s story of accomplishment, support and loyalty has been shared many times as a featured ‘Stirring Story’ at Trinity Cafe.

Wayne has a passion to serve those who are hungry, his reach even helps those overseas.
In addition to what he does where he calls home, he donates regularly to organizations in other countries who are less fortunate than we are in the United States. Wayne says, “Although we may struggle, we should stay grateful for the opportunities available to us because many have it much worse than we do.”

Meeting Wayne was a joy!
Wayne reminds me of many important life lessons:
1) Everyone has a story, take the time to understand them.
2) No matter the challenge, work hard.
3) Give back.
4) Always stay grateful.

Happy to report… we’re buds now!
For that, I am grateful.