Volunteering: Gift of Time

Trinity Volunteers 650pVolunteering: The Gift of Time

It is because of volunteers that we are able to give kindness, care, dignity, and respect to those that need it most.
Trinity Cafe and its guests are blessed with our volunteers’ gift of time!

Last year we were blessed with 14,106 volunteers serving for a total of 35,265 hours!

As a volunteer, there are a variety of opportunities: serving guests, hosting tables, greeting guests, pouring drinks, preparing silverware, and cleaning tables. Our goal is to have one server and one host companion per table. A volunteer coordinator will be responsible for delegating assignments to the volunteers. We ask our servers and table companions to be loving, encouraging, and supportive to each guest, while not being overly inquisitive or questioning them as to how they have arrived at their current stage in life.

Volunteer Trish Mickler has this to say about her volunteer experience,
“I have found new friends and actually, for the first time in a long time, I feel like I belong somewhere. I receive more love and blessings than I give.  I met an out of work Maritime engineer and a gentlemen who used to work in broadcasting for a local radio station.  I’ve met young mothers just needing help making ends meet, veterans who have served our country and been forgotten, and there are children with beautiful angelic faces. I don’t think that I could’ve found a more productive use of my time! So, I have learned that the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others (Gandhi said that first). There are people out there that need you. They need your love and energy.”