Our homeless neighbors and those who are struggling, truly depend on us.

With the support of our generous community of volunteers, Trinity Cafe was able to operate daily throughout the threat and now the recovery from Hurricane Irma to serve our guests with dignity. Today alone, more than 25 children dined with us at our second location, and we served more than 380 meals to those in need.

Thank you to all those who served! We served almost 500 meals throughout the weekend and on Monday to those in need. We served more than 350 meals Tuesday, and the numbers continue to rise daily, including many of our neighbors who are still struggling without power.

As a mom and her daughter enjoyed Chef Benito’s egg, ham and cheese sandwich with corn flakes and milk on Sunday morning, mom asked me for a couple garbage bags as they were going to walk to the nearest shelter. Guests shared with us how grateful they were that we were still open for a meal. They also shared how scared they were, and we talked about which shelters were still accepting neighbors and the quickest way to get there.

I heard from a volunteer, Chrissy, who served with us on Sunday, that Trinity Cafe was a bright light at a dark time this past weekend to many during a time of stress. She was blessed being there and serving others and felt so much better knowing that those in need had a safe place to find information and be served a nutritious meal with dignity throughout the storm.

In any time of stress or disaster, we only need look at those who are serving for a ray of hope. These volunteers bring smiles, hearts for service, dignity, compassion, love and respect daily for those in need.

Our guests still need you, every day! Our greatest needs are for volunteers to serve daily, as we continue to have volunteer spots open this and next week. Volunteer sign-up is quick and easy on our website, and we always welcome donations that help us serve a meal with dignity.

By: Mandy Cloninger
Executive Director, Trinity Cafe