Throughout the month of March 2018, a survey was conducted to glean some basic information from our guests at our main Trinity Cafe location on Nebraska Avenue.

In particular, our team wanted to understand four important points: how often our guests are eating with us, what their current living situation is, whether or not they are staying in the area, and how they arrive at the cafe that day. Why this effort? To better serve our guests and community.

In order to make these research efforts worthwhile, it was imperative to share and contextualize the data from each conversation and create a template that can be used at both of our locations in the future.

Out of a sample of 368 unique respondents below is our data:

Trinity Cafe guests
48.64% – nearly everyday
26.08% – couple times a week
13.58% – couple times a month
11.68% – first time

52.68% – walk
19.26% – bus
15.36% – ride a bike
12.68% – vehicle

41.81% – are homeless
21.55% – live with family or roommates
20.00% – have a home
16.62% – live in a shelter

Who are our direct neighbors?
52% –  do not reside in the V.M. Ybor area
48% – reside in the V.M. Ybor area
21.46% – reside in the V.M. Ybor area and are living in a home
19.56% – reside in the V.M. Ybor area and do not have a home or reliable shelter

In order to accurately and objectively survey our guests, it was important to have the leadership of an individual who had experience in social science research methods. Dr. Chad Radwan, who currently is a Americorps VISTA volunteer at Trinity Cafe is a former instructor and graduate from the University of South Florida, who earned his Ph.D. in applied anthropology. His extensive experience as a qualitative researcher, creating interview and survey questions to recognize a variety of social characteristics, helped to ensure that we were able to engage in meaningful ways with those guests who took the time to speak to us.